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About the Independent Learning Centre
At the Independent Learning Centre our job is to help pupils and parents achieve their ambitions. From initial guidance onto choosing the right course(s) for your child/pupilís, to final advice before he/she moves onto employment, Higher Education or further training, we are here to help.

Independent Learning Centre is an alternative provision centre for 13 to 16 year olds, situated at the heart of the local community. We welcome pupils from all cultures, backgrounds and abilities into a disciplined learning environment that actively encourages them to do well.

This is a Centre with a heart, soul and spirit. The pupils are encouraged to study and learn, to develop every talent, to compete and to be challenged, to respect others and to take advantage of the teaching the Centre offers.

We realize the need for every pupil to be given 100% support and guidance throughout their time here and at the Centre this is what we believe in. All our tutors are committed to providing the best possible teaching and to make sure that every child walks out of the Centre with some kind of achievement.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and caring atmosphere and we hope that your child/pupil will find this a stepping stone in the right direction.

Courses range from general education (Maths, English, Science, literacy, numeracy etc) to specialist areas (ESOL, business, ICT, music, drama, art) to GCSE, Certificates, Diplomas or key skills classes.

Courses are offered according to need, availability and after consultation with agencies and/or school involved with the family.

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