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What we do at ILC
  • The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is supporting the development of a range of alternative and appropriate provision for pupils within Walsall and the West Midlands.
  • The alternative curriculum provision strategy is working to help ensure that there is a coordinated and alternative range of provision in place and that it is accessible for those pupils who need it.
  • The Independent Learning Centre is currently using alternative curriculum provision to engage pupils through the use of accredited learning opportunities in a variety of fields including the use of GCSE’s, vocational education and non-vocational education.
Our Ethos

We believe that all pupils, including those with English as an additional language (EAL) requirements have the right to be welcomed and educated together in an informative, understanding and supportive environment which is tailored to maximize their full potential. The benefit pupils gain is academic, social and consequently benefiting their community and their local environment.

Our pupils are taught (through our curriculum and as a whole-Centre policy) to respect each other and other people they come into contact with, taking awareness of diversity and equality as positive and necessary ideals that will fully enrich their life experiences.

How We Intend To Do What We Do (Our Aims)
  • To help pupils by promoting positive behavior and tackling the issue of low-level disruption and attendance. Particulars of our “Anti-Bullying” , “Admissions”, “Attendance”, “Behavior & Discipline” and “Exclusion” Policies are available upon request.
  • To help pupils to overcome any possible disadvantages and disaffectation in order to achieve their full potential. Particulars of our “Exclusions” Policy are available upon request, as are our “SEN”, “EAL” and “Disability” Statements.
  • To provide a wide and varied curriculum, that includes the essential elements that will help the pupils to make informed decisions about their future life choices. Particulars of our Current Curriculum are available upon request.
  • To work within Government Legislation and Local Authority guidelines to provide a safe environment in which pupils can flourish. Our full “Child Protection” and “Health & Safety Policy” are available upon request, as are particulars of the number of staff employed at the ILC, including temporary staff, and their qualifications.
  • To be approachable in terms of reporting any negative experience of the ILC. This applies to our pupils, their parents/carers, referring agencies, schools, staff and/or tutors. We ask that if you have any concerns about any aspect of our service provision, please speak informally with a member of staff initially. We do have a “Complaints Procedure”, whereby you would be able to make your complaint in writing if you were not happy after speaking to a member of staff. You have the right to have an unresolved complaint taken before a panel of at least three people – one of these people would be completely independent of the ILC management. Particulars of our Complaints Procedure are available upon request.
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